Cramp - Those who have experienced cramping pain will see the "terrible" level of it like. Not only causes pain, cramps are also a sign of many dangerous diseases behind.

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 1 2020

Cramps - thought normal but unpredictable consequences

Follow MSc.BS. Mai Thi Minh Tam (Deputy Head of Department of Mechatomy-Joint, Central Hospital E) cramp is involuntary muscle contraction, usually a part of the muscle or the whole muscle.

Dr. Tam also added:

"CThe withdrawal occurs suddenly, very sharply and occurs as short as a few minutes as a tetanie attack (hypocalcaemia). However, it caused severe pain, unable to move anymore. Cramps also often come after the postures of the legs (folding of the legs), the arms (folding of the forearms) during sleep and even when the body is exerting effort.

When the phenomenon occurs cramp, we will not be able to control our muscles. The contraction muscles will become more prominent, when touched, we will easily see. Cramps can occur on the calves, toes, the muscles in the back, and even the chest muscles.

Why is cramping dangerous?

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 2 2020

Cramp Regardless of age or gender, all of us are at risk of facing these obnoxious pains. Excluding cramps in pregnant women due to the weight and size of the uterus pinching blood vessels in the legs, medical studies have shown that cramps are caused by two main groups of causes:

♦ First is a spontaneous group of cramps. People who suffer from cramps in this group are those who often do heavy physical labor, sit or stand for a long position. In addition, sports or high intensity exercise will cause the body to lose salt (due to sweating), from which the concentration of Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium in the blood will drop, leading to the muscles Local contraction, causing discomfort.

In addition, the deposition of lactic acid in the muscles (due to excessive exercise) disrupts the signaling between nerves and muscles so the pain can last long, or when the body is at rest. Rest can still cause cramp symptoms.

♦ The second group Frequent cramps are patients with diabetes, anemia, Parkinson's, varicose veins or circulatory disorders.

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 3 2020

For the above reasons, we should not be too distracted, see cramp is a normal phenomenon too. The occasional cramping (especially when exercising a lot) is not worrying but the frequency is increasing, so we have to hurry to the health facilities for careful examination.

People who suffer from frequent cramps, in addition to suffering from painful states will easily lose sleep at night, muscles show signs of atrophy due to poor blood circulation, numbness even in normal time. In general, the consequences of this disease are not small, so it is advisable to check for a radical treatment.

How does rosemary support cramps?

Pink salt In addition to the purity, there are more than 80 different types of useful minerals, most notably potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, ... are all important and useful substances for the body.

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 4 2020

As mentioned above, once our body is deficient in these minerals, it will lead to extremely uncomfortable calf pain (cramps). Therefore, using pink salt in balanced doses in daily life can help replenish the necessary amount of minerals.

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 5 2020

Using pink salt in daily meals you do not have to worry because it brings many practical benefits. First of all, a teaspoon of pink salt contains low sodium chloride (only a quarter of the same amount of regular table salt) so blood or heart problems won't be a concern.

Is Himalayan Salt Salt A "Way Out" For Gout?

In addition to using pink salt as a seasoning to taste ordinary food, every morning when you wake up or before exercise, exercise, we can drink a glass of water mixed with little pink salt . This will ensure that the salt concentration in the body stays stable, ready for a long day of activity.

Goodbye Cramps With Himalayan Pink Salt 6 2020

To relieve the symptoms of soreness, numbness cramp So you can soak your feet in warm water mixed with pink salt or put your feet on the salt massage slabs. Under the influence of temperature, the cations (positive) and nation (negative) of salt will promote the effect of metabolic balance, stimulate blood circulation, stabilize circulation, clear the blocked blood vessels, relax. Effective for muscle contraction. The method of massage on rock salt is suitable for long-term use, both promoting the immediate effect and supporting the treatment and prevention of symptoms of numbness and cramps at night. At the same time, rock salt foot massage also works on cases of varicose veins, dysfunction of circulation.

With these outstanding benefits, owning health care products from Himalayan rock salt is extremely practical. There are many ways to help treat the condition you are experiencing and pink salt has been found to be highly effective. So please experience and feel right now!

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