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What Is Palm Numbness And Feet And How To Cure

What is numbness of the palms of the feet and feet? The legs are both functional and weight-heavy as we move, so the pressure on our feet is enormous, especially for older people, people who move a lot or athlete. For days, we feel the legs sometimes lose feeling, sometimes very painful. This is an early warning for illnesses that require timely intervention and treatment.

What is Numbness in the Palm, Feet? Causes And Treatment Of The Disease

What are the consequences of numbness in the palms of the feet and feet?

All You Need To Know About Palm Numbness, Feet, and Cures


Causes of Unresponsive Palms

Numbness in the limbs: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

1. Overweight and obese patients

People who are "oversized" will put a lot of pressure on the legs when moving, accidentally creating pressure on the feet. Excess fat causes compression of blood vessels or nerves, severely pinched muscles cause numbness of the limbs, especially the soles of the feet. Therefore, it leads to the feeling of numbness in the soles of the feet and then the hands because in addition to being pinched, obesity also increases a number of indicators in the body.

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2. Patients with hypertension

High blood pressure puts pressure on the walls of your blood vessels, if too much pressure forces your heart to work harder to get enough blood. When the pressure is high and the blood is not responding, it will cause uneven blood flow to the limbs, causing numbness in the palms of the feet and feet. Long-term illness without stroke can lead to stroke, heart damage and kidney damage.

Hand numbness can alert a wide range of harmful health problems

3. Patients with diabetes

Diabetic patients with infectious complications will cause numbness in the limbs, loss of sensation, especially of the legs and arms due to daily pressure. The reason that diabetes affects the limbs is explained by the infection of the peripheral nerves. So diabetics will have numbness in the palms of the feet and feet.

4. Anemia

When the body faces the risk of anemia, the heart, the brain do not have enough nutrients to provide the limbs, the risk of numbness in the limbs and numbness and difficulty walking is very high. Blood is essential for the brain, when the body is anemic it will cause dizziness, fatigue, sensory disorders and an increased risk of stroke.

5. Diseases related to bones and joints

Patients who have suffered traumatic injuries, herniated disc, spinal column, which pressures blood vessels also cause numbness of the feet. They affect quite seriously the daily life, even disability is very difficult to avoid.

In addition, the disease also occurs in the elderly due to degenerative osteoarthritis, pregnant women due to high pressure on the legs and changes in the body during pregnancy.

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Is numbness in the palms and feet difficult to treat?

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PIncense Therapy and Restoration Numbness in Palm Palms Matching


Create the spirit of comfort

Mental determination greatly affects the ability to treat and recover diseases. Most patients who face this disease often have anxiety, anxiety, or even anger when the soles of their feet are numb and sometimes painful. However, the more worried, the more insecure the illness does not improve but tends to worsen. Get rid of that mood from your friend, revive the spirit after the melancholy days, the disease is not as worrisome as we think, prepare yourself a whole new spirit to join in the treatment process. this disease offline!

10 causes of hand numbness, if infected, you need to see a doctor immediately

Getting a massage is also a way to support the symptoms of numbness in the palms of the feet

Exercise promotes health

Light exercise to help blood flow better is also a way to limit the numbness of the soles of the feet. When the blood circulation is good, the blood vessels that control the pressure will greatly assist in relieving your pain.

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Numbness in the palms of the feet and feet is very uncomfortable for the sick

Ensure the body is always full of substance

More emphasis on nutritional supplements in the diet daily to ensure adequate supplies, vitamins are circulated into the body to help support treatment. If the amount of blood in the body is fully replenished, the amount of blood supplied to the limbs is stable, the problem of soles of the feet will be pushed back.

For patients with diabetes, should be very careful during eating and drinking to regulate blood sugar levels in the body, preventing unwanted complications caused by the disease.

Preventing and supporting the treatment of the palms of the feet and the feet with Himalayan pink salts

Numbness in the palms of the feet is what and how to treat them

The Himalayan pink rock is known as the purest salt mined from more than 2 km underground, containing 84 essential minerals for the body. Himalaya persimmon stone has long been considered a "god" in supporting the treatment of diseases, especially those related to osteoarthritis, which is numbness in the soles of the feet.

When the numbness comes, relax yourself, put your feet on the heated stone slabs to the appropriate temperature, and massage gently, the warmth from the rock salt will help relieve the pain. The minerals in Himalayan pink rock salt penetrate into the body, increasing the ability to metabolize chemicals. Pink Himalayan salt stone helps stimulate acupuncture points, reduce muscle contractions, and also helps to support blood circulation to the limbs. It is a good choice for patients with numbness in the soles of the feet. Besides, it also creates a relaxing feeling, helps the patient's spirits better.

Should palm numb feet treatment

Or you can use hot packs of Himalayan pink salt rock compresses to apply to the spine or lumbar region, it will help patients with herniated disc, spinal pain.

Calcium and Potassium are abundant elements in Himalayan pink salt rock, they are very good for bones. Every day a glass of Himalayan pink salt water diluted, bones and joints will become strong, and support detoxification for the body effectively.

Confusion, anxiety is not a way to support treatment. Palm numbness can be completely cured if we persevere and follow the treatment process. Use more Himalayan pink salt stone in healing to see how "magical" it is!

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Healthy to succeed! Success to happiness!

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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