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The 3 Most Common Treatments About Hemangioma In Children

What is a hump? What are the symptoms of hematoma in children? And childhood hematoma is not a very common disease in children but it is also a concern for many parents, because it is unknown whether or not the baby was born with a blood tumor.

So, what are the causes for hematoma in children? Is there any way to prevent goiter? And how to treat and support the treatment of goiter in children?

The 3 Most Common Treatments About Hemangioma in Children 1 2020

What is hematoma in children? Photos of goiter in children

What is hematoma?

It sounds serious, but the fact is that the endothelial cells in the blood vessels produce abnormally fast, causing red spots to appear on the skin.

The vast majority of hemangiomas appear only on the skin or subcutaneous adipose tissue, very few cases occur in internal organs.

Children often have a type of goiter in the period of less than 1 year, appearing when the child is a few weeks old or a few months old. Depending on the type of blood tumor, it may disappear on its own as the child grows or develops to a certain stage and then lasts forever.

According to medicine, the rate of girls with hematoma is 3 to 5 times higher than the rate of boys having the disease.

Is a blood tumor dangerous?

Most blood tumors in children are benign, so it is not too dangerous, it only causes an aesthetic loss when the child grows up, especially on the face. However rare, there are still some cases where a hump is located internal organs will be more serious.

When they begin to appear, the blood tumor may stand still or it may grow larger to a certain stage before stopping.

Some children when they get sick, the blood tumor will thrive at a later stage and then go into the degeneration stage, turn into a fibrous tumor or mix with adipose tissue and then disappear. Most people have to go to about 10 - 12 years old to degenerate to actually end.

In contrast, certain cases require medical intervention to successfully bleed away a hump.

The 3 Most Common Treatments About Hemangioma in Children 2 2020

Hemangiomas in children appear and develop quite quickly

The 3 most common ways to treat goiter in children

Destroyed hematoma

The first treatment that we mentioned was the destruction of a hematoma with modern medical methods. The advantages of these measures are high success rates, such as:

  • Using electric burning method, destroy the tumor by high heat or cold burning
  • Using a laser or radiotherapy method directly on the tumor
  • Surgical removal of hematoma

After being diagnosed and examined by a physician, depending on the condition of the child and the location of the tumor, apply appropriate medical methods.

In particular, surgery is a top-rated method, only when it is impossible to perform surgery should the remaining medical methods applied.

Assuming that the goiter is located in a special place such as an eye lock, nose, the corner of the lip, ... and growing quickly, it is advisable to intervene with tumor destruction methods. When tumors are too large in these locations, it is difficult to have treatment and surgery in children.

The 3 Most Common Treatments About Hemangioma in Children 3 2020

Treatment of goiter by modern methods using lazer

Restricting the development of blood tumors

Although the medical methods used to destroy tumors have a higher success rate, some children are not suitable for application. Therefore, the doctor will use measures to restrain the development of blood tumors to prevent the rapid growth process that makes the tumor size to enlarge quickly.

The two most common methods used for children, such as medication or chemotherapy, should be monitored regularly by a doctor.

Wait for the tumor to degenerate and then process the sequelae

In addition to destroying a tumor with a medical intervention or restraining the growth of the tumor, some children have to wait for the tumor to go into the degenerative period before it can be treated.

This treatment is only for children who are too young or do not allow the above methods.

Ideally, as soon as the appearance of a blood tumor in a child, parents should take their children immediately to large and reputable medical centers or hospitals for an accurate diagnosis. After the examination, depending on the location and progression of the blood tumor, the doctor will give the appropriate treatment to bring high efficiency.

3 Most Common Treatments for Hemangioma in Children 4 2020

Children who have a blood tumor need to be taken to the doctor regularly for timely treatment and proper treatment.

You are viewing the article The 3 Most Common Treatments About Hemangioma In Children section disease in children of DamiLama summarized and shared. And this article has shared information about the concept and causes of goiter in children as well as sharing the current treatment and supportive treatment for you.

Note that goiter is not common, does not spread and does not have a serious impact on health but it greatly affects the aesthetics for babies later. And if any parents find this article useful and standard, please rate and share it with more people about the disease information.

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